Mirina Girls Collections

Hey everyone!

I apologize for my lack of posting, I promise I have some great content lined up for you -starting with today! I have been looking into something for some time now about a collaboration I did with Mirina Girls, and I wanted to share the information with my followers and friends.

In about August I was contacted by an Instagram account @mirinagirls to become a brand rep for their collection of necklaces and accessories. Being a new blogger I was super excited to be contacted so soon (with a very small social media follower count). I jumped on board and agreed to post a picture and tag them wearing my FREE necklace from them. I was SO excited, I got to pick out my “hand made original necklace that has been featured in New York Fashion Week” and didn’t have to pay a dime for it….until shipping and handling which was about $50 HOWEVER again, at the time I didn’t think anything of it because they did promise a free necklace not free shipping.

I did 0 research on this company prior to receiving my necklace. I got my gorgeous necklace (featured in the photo above) and I was so excited! It took a decent amount of time to ship however the company claims they hand make the jewelry hence why it takes so long so again, I thought nothing of it. I would like to note that I have not yet had a bad experience with this company…BUT I recently posted a photo promoting the company when I received a message.

A Canadian blogger like myself had been contacted and never received her necklace, and then found their claimed “unique” designs on ebay for MUCH cheaper…I decided to hit up google and there are MANY websites exposing this company for taking extra money out of bank accounts, ripping people off, and shipping from china (taking 4+ weeks for shipping NOT handmaking the jewelry). There are photos that show even when some women did receive necklaces they were broken. There are claims that when people did make a post on Instagram the account @mirinagirls would simply block them and not address the situation.

I would like to make the point again that I have yet to have a poor experience with this company, but I am very doubtful I will ever order from them again… I have decided to make this blog post to just bring more attention to my fellow bloggers and friends. I have learned a valuable lesson about looking into companies before simply accepting collaborations.

I am not going to take down any posts I have already made, or stop wearing this necklace (because it is gorgeous) but I have made the decision to unfollow, and block the accounts. At the bottom of this post you can find the websites that share their poor interactions with this company. I am sad I was so naïve about the situation but I am glad that I can learn from my mistakes, and hopefully others will too! I encourage everyone to do their own research on this company should they consider buying or representing them, I can only state that for myself, although I have not had a poor experience with the company, all of the negative comments are enough for me to not order from them again. I do not wish to be associated with a company that has SO many negative reviews, nor test my good luck by making a second purchase.

Let me know what you think, have you had a poor interaction with this company? I would love to hear others experiences with Mirina Girl Collections. You can comment below, on my Facebook page here or on my Instagram page here.


Till next time,


Links to the websites:






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